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On Friday, October 8, we hosted an advanced course on efficient chainsaw use and safety in cooperation with the Aldo Leopold Foundation’s Woodland School. 

The Game of Logging Level III, one of a four-part series, focuses on techniques for handling difficult trees.  Participants were expected to fell trees on a target, often against the natural lean of the tree.  They were scored on their accuracy and compliance with safety procedures.

The class was held in an area of the Samsel Tree Farm where poor-quality and dying oaks need to be removed as part of a forest management plan.  The process will promote growth of new oaks and white pines.

Landowner Clyde Samsel carefully selected trees appropriate for the class.  Twelve participants, from as far away as Massachusetts, were challenged by severely leaning trees and trees with rotten trunks.

Instructor Ken Lallemont described the planning process for felling a tree precisely on target:

A valuable learning opportunity occurred when, near the end of the felling process, a large root heaved out of the ground.  The student cutting the tree correctly backed away in time to avoid injury.  Clyde Samsel listens as Ken Lallemont explains this is a common risk with heavily leaning trees:

Instructor Nathan Stanford assesses and scores a participant’s felling job:

Ken demonstrated a bucking technique called "tongue-and-groove:"
Three woodcutters cleaned up the next day:
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