Powerbox™ Carrying Case

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Husqvarna's new suitcase style carrying case folds open for easy access and includes compartments to hold oil, scrench, files, sparkplugs and more! Comes with 20" scabbard.

ItemItem NumberPrice
Powerbox™ Carrying Case100 00 01-07Call For Price
18" - 20" Replacement Scabbard100 00 05-38Call For Price
Powerbox™ Leash System (Velcro Straps)100 00 06-07Call For Price
Elastic Owner Manual Strap (Qty 2)100 00 71-85Call For Price
Plastic Hinge Rod100 00 62-78Call For Price
24" Replacement Scabbard100 00 05-39Call For Price
Replacement Handle100 00 05-62Call For Price
Replacement Latch100 00 05-40Call For Price

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