Tree Farm

Samsel Prairie Projects
September 2012

The Samsel family is excited to announce our plans for some enhancements to the portion of the Ice Age Trail that traverses our property.

First, our daughter, Barb, returned from a garden tour of England this summer inspired to create a Prairie Teaching Garden

The Garden will enable Trail hikers and other visitors to identify the native plants in our restored 10-acre prairie and to learn more about the history and restoration of Wisconsin’s prairies.

The Garden will be located on a ridge overlooking the prairie, alongside the Trail. 

We are also considering two additional projects.

The first is an observation tower that will have educational displays about the geography and forest management practices that can be viewed from the tower.

Second, the site includes a grove of trees that would be ideal for a rest and rain shelter.  The grove already includes a short woodland path to a site that reveals some the history of human use of the land, dating back to the early 1900s.

If you are interested in supporting our efforts, we would gratefully accept any donations of any kind, including expertise, time, materials, or financial assistance.