About Us
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Samsel Limited is a family owned forest-products business located in Central Wisconsin, USA. We make our products from locally grown timber, much of it from our own sustainably managed woodlot. As environmentally conscious tree farmers, we plant more trees than we process. We provide wood products and services to homeowners, contractors, crafts people, and other woodlot owners. In the early 1950s, Grandfather Samsel bought unproductive abandoned farmland in the sandy central region of Wisconsin. He and his children planted thousands of tree seedlings. Today, the land is covered by a thriving forest that supports several human families and their numerous wildlife counterparts. Through the process of responsible forest management, our family harvests trees for paper and lumber. The forest now regenerates itself in a natural self-sustaining cycle. Over the years, we have received several awards in recognition of our forest management efforts. A few acres of the land are now occupied by a cluster of buildings that house the sawmill, saw shop, several kilns, an office, and our private homes.

Custom Services
Bring your logs to us and we’ll saw, dry, plane, and mill them. Our mill is a five-inch wide, traveling band, rated by a university as one of the most accurate mills in the country. The rating is due to both the design and the skill of our sawyer. A minimum amount of waste is produced. The mill can cut a maximum log size of 28 inches in diameter and 16 feet in length. We charge $75 per hour for custom sawing.
We’ll dry a single board or several thousand board feet (BF). We have nine solar-assisted, hot water heated kilns, ranging in capacity from 1000 BF to 30,000 BF.
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Remodeling an old house? Bring a sample or a picture, and we can copy almost any profile. We’ll do the work to your specifications.